Frustrated, Incorporated

AngerThis is frustrating. The Leafs are blowing out the Sens, a team we haven't been able to beat all season. It's 5-0 and we're smoking them after two. This is our tenth game since we lost in Montreal and we'll be collecting our eighteenth point over that span.

It's frustrating because our last ten games have been such a treat to watch. We've played thrilling hockey, beating the crap out of many teams higher in the standing. We've had great goaltending, good defense and tremendous offence. It's been wonderful, but it will most likely all be for naught, which is why I'm so frustrated. Why did we have to suck so bad in January? We did we have to dig ourselves into such an insurmountable hole? Why did Quinn keep going to Belfour when he so clearly didn't have it? Why did McCabe have to get hurt? Why couldn't we have discovered Aubin earlier in the season?

With Carolina losing to Tampa Bay right now, the odds are still stacked heavily against us. It's been a fantastic run here, but it's still just one enormous tease.

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