Two Minutes For Cheese

RadioIf you've listened to any Toronto AM radio lately, you've probably heard the Joe Bowen ads for the new ACC condominiums. Maple Leaf Square is a two condominium tower that's being built next to the Air Canada Centre where our Maple Leafs and Raptors play their home games. The ads are aimed at Leaf fans and are pretty cheesy, equating condo ownership with going to a hockey game, but Bowen's done cheese before so no sacred cow is slaughtered in the process.

There's a point near the end of these advertisements when the booming voice of Andy Frost announces "two minutes for too many features in a condo". This is the part that bothers me. Andy Frost is the official public-address announcer for Maple Leaf games, announcing goal scorers, penalties and the like. He took over for Paul Morris, a personal favourite who would never tarnish the role by announcing "two minutes" for anything in a cheesy radio ad. Morris had enough class to realize he was the voice of Leaf games and his tone and delivery was synonymous with the thrill of watching the blue and white live. Frost, apparently, will announce two minutes for anything so long as there's a pay cheque on the other side.

Some things are sacred.

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Aandy probably needs the money knowing HIS season is also done in April. Good for him.

February 24, 2006 @ 11:33 PM

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