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Same Old Same Old


Way to lead the Catholic church into the 21st century, Benny.  Some of us are desperately hungry for a sign of enlightenment from your institution.  Instead, it's the same old same old.

Today, in his first major ruling as Pope, Benny imposed restrictions on homosexuals entering the Catholic priesthood, saying men must first overcome any "transitory" gay tendencies.  Anyone can be a priest, so long as they're celibate, single, male and heterosexual.  Homosexuals are not welcome in the Catholic priesthood.  This is as outrageous as barring someone because of the colour of their skin or, dare I say it, their gender.

Rocked by sexual abuse scandal, it seems to me Benny is happily roasting gay men as their sacrificial lambs.  After all, all gay men are pedophiles, right?  Of course, everyone knows that!

I give up.

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