No Wonder These Are Paranoid Times

VirusA bunch of Sony BMG Music Entertainment CDs were recently sold with copy-protection technology that not only hides the copy protection from view, but also leaves open a hole that could hide other malicious software. The software is intended to prevent us from burning too many copies of the CD or ripping the songs to DRM-free MP3s. It's spyware, it's malware and it's bullshit.

Sony says they'll no longer produce CDs with this First 4 Internet software but for many it's too late. Because this software hides itself so well on a PC, virus writers are piggy backing on this gaping security hole and wreaking havoc just as far under the covers. Even your anti-virus software can't find it. This is totally irresponsible and worthy of one massive class action lawsuit.

Here's a list of the Sony rootkit CDs. You'll notice Our Lady Peace's Healthy In Paranoid Times on that list. I already teed off on this disc because I couldn't rip the thing to MP3 without my AnyDVD solution. Ironically, the fact these are paranoid times prevented me from installing Sony's rootkit. Long ago I disabled autorun and swore never to install a music company's proprietary software to play the tunes because it's never worth it.

If you think you've played one of these infected Sony CDs on your PC, go here and install the patch that unhides this crudware. If you don't have the software on your PC, it will tell you right away and you will sleep better at nights.

With companies like Sony aiding the bad guys, it's almost impossible to stay healthy in paranoid times.

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