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Thank You, Damaso Garcia


I'd like to thank Damaso Garcia.  As a young boy attending my first ever game at Exhibition Stadium, the greatest thing in my mind was the grand slam.  One swing, four runs on the board.  At the time, I also felt the grand slam was a great deal rarer than it is now.  Although I don't have the statistics on hand to prove it, I'm pretty sure they were less frequent in the early 80s than they are now.

Already a die hard Jays fan, I was so excited to actually see the team live.  There was a moment late in the game when we loaded the bases.  Damaso Garcia was at the plate, and I was hoping and praying for one thing.  I wanted to see a grand slam.

I remember vividly what happened next.  I can still feel myself sitting on that uncomfortable bench and watching him make contact.  The ball was hit hard, I was getting my wish.  It was deep to left field and... off the top of the wall.  Garcia ended up on third with a bases clearing triple but for a couple of seconds I remember feeling like the luckiest kid in the world.

As I got older, I began to see grand slams and even saw a game at Exhibition Stadium in which three of them were hit, but that didn't dull the memory of Garcia missing a grand salami by half a foot.  Thanks again, Damaso.

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