These Eyes

MedicalIt lasted two weeks which is quite surprising because I never get them. Sure, if I'm sick a headache may be one of the symptoms but only for a few hours or so. For two weeks earlier this month I had a headache that was constant.

I put up with it for nine days before I finally saw the doctor. He did a series of tests, checking my blood pressure and reflexes to rule out anything obviously serious, and then he suspected it could be my vision. He referred me to an optometrist and I made an appointment. The headache, constantly there in the back left side of my head, suddenly went away on the 14th day which was last Friday. Instead of cancelling my optometrist appointment for today, I decided to keep it to ensure I didn't need glasses.

I had never been to an optometrist before, which is rather unfortunate considering this assessment used to be covered by OHIP but now costs $85. They did a number of tests and I was told I had awesome eye sight. No glasses required, which is a relief. The last test was done after they gave me eye drops that actually made my vision blurry. Now I'm sitting in front of a PC unable to focus on the words I'm typing. You'll excuse any typos.

I had perfect vision until I visited an eye doctor. Isn't it ironic, dontcha think?

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