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Civil Marriage Act Tabled

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Earlier today, Justice Minister Irwin Cotler introduced the Liberal government's same-sex marriage bill in the House of Commons.  As well as extending the legal capacity to marry for civil purposes to same-sex couples, the package of legislation amends eight other federal acts to extend a variety of marital rights to gay couples, including income tax measures, business and investment benefits and the right to divorce.

A number of church groups will scream and shout that this is a violation of God's law and should be voted down.  Hateful conservative groups will rise like sludge in our sewers to campaign against this bill.  They'll quote verses in the Bible, call homosexuality unnatural and suggest same-sex marriage will lead our society straight into the depths of hell.

At the end of the day, this is still Canada.  Because this is Canada, this bill will pass.  The Conservative Party will largely vote against it, but the majority of Liberals as well as just about all those from the  Bloc Québécois and New Democrat parties will do the right thing.  In Canada, all citizens are equal under the law, regardless of skin colour, religion, culture or sexual preference.  In Canada, the church and state are indeed seperate and our social conscience will remain clear.

I will be a proud Canadian when this bill passes.  It's long overdue.

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