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My Personal Version of Train 48

Every morning I wake up at about 6 am to begin my transit to work. This includes both a trip on a TTC bus and a TTC train. Finally I am ready to partake on the final leg of my journey by boarding a Mississauga Transit Bus that brings me to work. Here is where I find the comparison between my 30 minute bus ride and the rediculously bad show on Global TV.

At 7 am I board this bus but before boarding I look around the terminal and see the exact same faces as I do each and every morning. I personally enjoy waking up as I travel and do not enjoy much contact with others on my trip. This has become difficult as people recognize me and attempt to talk.

There is the Chinese man who always sits near me at the back and constantly points to me with a work colleague about how I am falling asleep. He seems to make the same comment every day (I notice this even with the music blasting in my ears from the discman). The ladies which I recognize from my workplace are loud and cheerful. This upsets me greatly. They constantly talk about work, which is not something I want to think about until 8 am when I begin.

There are many others that would make this entry far too long. But to mention one last, there is the man with the cowboy hat. This man always say hello and is a talker. I mean he really likes to yap. He enjoys talking about politics and is always ready to spark up a convo at first eye contact. Which is the key.

Avoid eye contact!! I have learned to do this well. I am probably disliked on this bus where everyone knows everyone and they all enjoy talking about the weather at 7:15 am, but I don't mind. This is my personal hell. LEAVE ME ALONE!!

I don't like the 30 min show and I certainly do not like the 30 minute version that airs every morning of my life at 7 am. Be sure to catch it.. as next week the Chinese man is sure to point me out to his friend (who seems displeased to put up with him on the bus) and make a gesture with his hands to suggest a person sleeping, as I nod off just hoping that he wont try to poke me awake and expect me to laugh about the hilarity of the situation. TO BE CONTINUED... UNFORTUNATELY.


Your tale is littered with intriguing characters and has now been shared with hundreds of people. In other words, it's nothing like "Train 48".

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