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Another Debate

Another Debate

Last night I watched the second debate between American President Dubya and his challenger, Senator John Kerry.  The more I watch and hear Dubya speak, the more certain I am that he's an idiot, and a dangerous idiot at that.

I believe him to be the greatest over achiever in the history of the world.  With mediocre intelligence, little charm and stubborn politics, he managed to ascend to the highest office in the world.  What's worse is the fact he very well may be reelected next month.  It sends a chill down my spine.

I was wondering if my perception of Dubya could possibly be correct and if he could really be as dumb as I sense he is, so I began Googling.  I came across this article entitled "The Misunderestimated Man: How Bush chose stupidity" By Jacob Weisberg.  It's an interesting read and suggests that he knows nothing about policy or history, he doesn't want to know anything in detail, however important, he's lazy and his mind does not think.  The insinuation is that Dubya chose stupidity and now wears it as a badge of honor.

Heading into last night's debate, most polls had Kerry ahead by a point.  Although Dubya probably fared better last night than he did last time, there's no way he came out ahead.  Lets hope our friend in America gain some perspective and see Duya for what he really idiot.

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