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Canada 2, USA 1

World Cup

I will never again make fun of Americans for being unable to follow the puck on television.  I had a difficult time last night following my team.  I've seen Team Canada compete in dozens of tournaments throughout my life and the one constant has been the colours red and white with the occasional black thrown in for stylistic purposes.  Yesterday, I kept having to remind myself that we're the team in yellow.  Yellow?  Yep, yellow.

I know it was a tribute to the Winnipeg Falcons, but I hated seeing Canada in yellow.  The uniforms kept reminding me of the Boston Bruins or perhaps the Swedish team.  Yellow?  Ugh.

As for the game it was a solid effort and a win's a win.  We certainly started strong and looked like we could have been up 4-0 easy early in the second.  The fact it was only 2-1 is more than a little flattering to the Americans who got some awesome goaltending from Robert Esche.  We're a young, fast team and I'd love to see us play like we did in the first period yesterday for an entire game.  If we do, no other country can match that intensity.

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