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This is an interesting debate. One that I would think takes a few more years of wisdom to truly understand. Sometimes when loking back at life one sees a consitent family friend who is always there for the family and many hours of fun with the children. This person has earned the title aunt or uncle and I am sure we all know someone after years of life. Blood usually deserves this exact relationship with nieces and nephews and so the title is earned according to society's title aunt or uncle. However for the person who never comes forward to have arelationship with a niece or nephew and is seldom seen at family events then certtainly they don't deserve this amazing title of uncle or aunt. The test of time is where this title comes in to play. It is the relationship rather then the birth right that gives the well earned title to the person wearing it. There are no rights or wrongs. Only caring and love or lack of it.


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