Knee Update

Knee UpdateAlmost eleven months ago, I messed up my knee playing ball. Although originally diagnosed with a torn meniscus, the MRI revealed I had actually fractured my leg and torn my ACL.

The end result was six months of physiotherapy during which time I was not allowed to put strain on my left knee. It was extremely frustrating but I had to be careful not to completely tear it and I didn't want to lose another summer.

Now I'm back to playing ball a couple of times a week and some of you have been asking how the knee is. I'm actually surprised at how stable it feels now. Up until January of this year it would buckle on me and it didn't feel like I'd ever be able to run full out again. Now I find myself rounding first full out and sliding into second without pain.

This is not to say it's as good as new. It feels very different than it did before the injury and there's always a subtle, dull ache. Even when I exert myself, I'm always conscious of the possiblity I could reinjure it. All in all, I'm just glad I can play sports without pain. You don't realize how important a knee is until you lose it.

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