HitchhikingI saw something this morning I haven't seen in a long time. Someone was on the shoulder of a 400 series highway with his thumb extended trying to hitchhike.

People don't hitchhike any more. In fact, people haven't really hitchhiked since the 70s. With all the sickos and weirdos about, it's simply not worth the risk. I don't think I'd pick up a hitchhiker for fear they'd steal my car, wallet or slaughter me for sport.

I hitchhiked on exactly two occasions in my life. I was camping just outside of Grand Bend, Ontario with a couple of friends Ed and Chris and we were too young to be licensed drivers. To get back to the camp ground from Grand Bend we hitchhiked on the highway. Eventually a guy did stop to give us a ride which we appreciated. This was probably the summer of 1990 and I haven't hitchhiked since.

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