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I also heard the rumours of a fix between Denmark and Sweden while I was attentively watching the soccer scoreboards. So, when Sweden scored in the last couple of minutes of play, it did sound very convenient. However, anyone who actually watched the game between Denmark and Sweden would have to admit there was no fix involved. Both teams played hard throughout the game. With Denmark leading 2-1, there were several good scoring opportunities for the Danes to go up 3-1. If there was a fix involved, someone forgot to tell the Denmark squad. It also took a last minute goal from Sweden, with some admittedly shaky goaltending, to equal the score. It wasn't as if the game was 2-2 after 30 minutes and the teams coasted from there. Furthermore, why would Denmark want to tie Sweden and face a tougher quarterfinal opponent. They don't love their neighbours that much! I don't buy this controversy for one second!


I've heard commentary from those who actually watched this game instead of the scoreboard like me, and they all say both teams played hard. Still, you must admit a last minute goal with shaky goaltending is awfully convenient. What percentage of games actually end 2-2? Even if this wasn't fixed, it's still controversial because many think it was, and that alone satisfies my lust for such scandals.

There's a tear, in my Brio...

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