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High Fives

High Fives

Whenever James does something he's proud of or even something remotely cool, we exchange high fives.  Yesterday, he was trying to close a rather tricky cannister and when he finally succeeded, he ran over and we exchanged a series of exhilerating high fives.  It makes him happy, it makes me happy and it's the perfect way to celebrate a job well done.

That got me thinking.  How would this world be if we all exchanged more high fives.  How would our society be if we greeted each other with this gesture and celebrated even the slighted act of postivity with a rousing high five.  I am certain this would be a far better place to live and we'd all get along that much better.

I'm going to make an effort to give more high fives.  Hopefully this is contagious and high five fever sweeps the globe.  I'm going to change the world one high five at a time.

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