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Donald S. Cherry

Donald S. Cherry

The Globe and mail is reporting that the relationship between the CBC and Coach's Corner host Don Cherry is so strained that they are preparing to sever it at the end of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

I don't agree with everything Don Cherry says, but I'm a big fan of his.  Following the first period during Hockey Night in Canada I don't go anywhere until after Coach's Corner.  Don knows hockey and isn't afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve and bluntly share his thoughts with us.  Recently, Don found himself in some pretty hot water after stating the fact that most NHL players wearing visors are "European or French guys."  The language police are still investigating.  I'm still embarrassed.

I'll be very sorry if there's no Don Cherry around after the first period to tell me what he thinks about my Maple Leafs or the latest controversy.  My brothers will tell you I had a cardboard cut-out of Don Cherry giving me the thumbs up in my bedroom for years.  I still have that cardboard cut-out in my basement.  I've never had the privilege of meeting him, but Taryn and James did and he was nice enough to pose for this picture.

It's a shame we have such an issue with a man who refuses to speak "diplomatically".  We don't have to agree with his opinions, but it would be nice if we were allowed to hear them.  Especially on a Saturday night during the first intermission.

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