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Listening To...

Listening To...

For no particular reason, here are the last five CDs I listened to from my MP3 collection and why.

Hayden - Everything I Long For: This album soothes me.  It's folksy and cool all at once.  The first time I heard "Bad As They Seem" I was hooked.  This entire disc is very listenable.  I'm still surprised Hayden didn't become a bigger star than he did.

Alice in Chains - Dirt: Truth be known, I spin this disc about ten times a week on average.  The tone of this entire disc is dark and it blends well with a particular mood I'm often in while working hard on a project.  Every song on this cd is awesome.

Nursery Rhyme Time: In my defense, James was sitting on my lap while we played this disc on the computer.  I even threw in the closing theme to Bear in the Big Blue House, the opening theme to Bob the Builder and Raffi's "Apples and Bananas" and "Wheels on the Bus" for good measure.  He loved it and I loved him loving it.  Awwwww.

Nine Inch Nails - Further Down the Spiral: I just borrowed this from a friend and I listened to the entire disc today for the first time.  It's funny, but while Trent was doing his thing almost a decade ago, I wasn't really into it.  I enjoy The Downward Spiral far more today than I did ten years ago.  Further Down the Spiral was good, but there wasn't much difference between the quiet version of "Hurt" and the original version.  For the record, "Hurt" remains my favourite NIN song.

Nirvana - Singles: What can I say?  I felt like hearing some Nirvana.  At this time of year, I get to thinking a lot about Nirvana, hence this morning's Quote of the Week.  Singles is a nice synopsis of the career of Nirvana, with great tracks from every Nirvana album and more.

I don't know if this sort of post interests anyone, but I know I'm always interested in what other people are listening to.  These are the five discs I spun today.  Usually I play my entire collection randomly, but today I played these discs straight through.

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