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It. Is. Over.

It. Is. Over.

Words won't accurately describe how frustrated I feel with regards to the Toronto Raptors.  I almost wrote this post following the overtime loss to Houston a couple of games ago.  Instead, I held off and placed the fate of our entire season on yesterday's game against the beat up Knicks.  It was clear if we couldn't take out the Lenny Wilkens Knicks, we weren't making the playoffs.

Sure, Vince Carter played well.  He really did.  For a while, it looked like we'd even win.  In the end, however, we lost by seven.  Bye bye playoffs.

At the beginning of the season, I wrote the following: "I anticipate a dramatic turn around following a horrific injury riddled season last year. If Vince Carter can stay relatively healthy, a playoff position is a virtual certainty. With Lenny Wilkens out of the picture, we actually have a coach who will coach. There will be game plans and strategies implemented. I predict a sixth place finish in the Eastern Conference and an upset victory in the first round of the playoffs."  Boy was I wrong.

Does Kevin O'Neill have to go? The Globe and Mail, citing multiple sources with ties to Vince Carter, suggested the Raptors' star would seek a trade during the off-season if O'Neill remains the team's coach.  Does Glen Grunwald have to go?  He's had plenty of time to build a winner yet here we are missing out again.  As the Beastie Boys said, "Something's Got To Give".  I'm way too frustrated.

And yes, I'm well aware we could still make the playoffs.  Following last night's loss, we're two games out of eighth in the conference with two teams to leap frog.  Trust me, you can put a fork in the 2003/2004 Toronto Raptors.  They're done.

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