The People's Crap Awards

People's Crap AwardsThe People's Choice Awards aired last night. If there's a more useless awards show on television, I've yet to hear about it. There are a number of crappy awards shows, but this is the crappiest of them all.

I just read the list of "winners". Mel Gibson won for best actor. Mel Gibson hasn't actually starred in a widely released film since "Signs" in 2002. I assure you, the people who voted for Mel never saw "The Singing Detective" in which he has a role. Who won for best actress you're asking? Why, it was "Julia Roberts" of course, for the 11th time. I feel sick to my stomach. This is the one award show you must ensure you miss.

Just to prove how awful it is, lets review a few of the other big winners. Favourite male musical performer? Some guy named Tim McGraw. Favourite male television performer? The most unfunny Ray Romano. Best comedy series? "Friends". Yuck.

I made sure I didn't waste a second on this garbage, and now I'm wishing I hadn't read a word about it or written an entry on the subject. The People's Choice Awards mean absolutely nothing because people like garbage and typically vote for garbage. Matchbox Twenty is the best band in the world. The people have spoken.

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