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The SimpsonsI thoroughly enjoyed The Observer's list of "300 Reasons We Love The Simpsons". In particular, I appreciate #23 on their list. I've reprinted it below.

Ideally, you should be able to watch each episode anew at five distinct stages in life. As a toddler, marvelling at all the bright colours; as a teenager, enjoying the tilts at authority; as a student, relishing the in-jokes and movie references; as an adult, musing on the truths about life, love and death; and in your dotage, marvelling at all the bright colours.

The Brits got it dead-on. This explains why James and I share the same favourite show. He's marvelling at all the bright colours while I'm musing on the truths about life, love and death. There must be a bit of a student left in me as well, because I also relish the in-jokes and movie references. And perhaps I'm still a teenager at heart because I do enjoy the tilts at authority. I marvel at all the bright colours too.

By the way, tonight's episode, entitled "I, D'oh-Bot", is a new one. Here's the description from "Homer and Bart build a Robot Wars-style robot, but when they discover they don't know as much about building killer robots as they thought, Homer decides to get inside of it; Marge and Lisa are under the impression that Snowball II 'went to kitty heaven'". Enjoy!

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