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Re: Your Golden Globes blog entry

Seriously, what was with that horrible rendition of "Hey Ya"? I cannot believe that Outkast actually allowed such a great song to be so completely butchered.

I realized while watching the Golden Globes that it is not I that am too fat, but rather Hollywood that is too thin. When did having curves become such a crime? When did eating become a career-ending event? Apparently, it's only okay for Queen Latifa. I for one am tired of it! I impatiently await the day when actually having an ass is considered a good thing.


What really hits home the weight issue is the big deal everyone makes of the fact Renee Zellweger gained a few pounds to reprise her role as Bridget Jones. We're so used to Hollywood starlets weighing in at 100 pounds we're freaked out when one balloons to a still sexy 130.

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