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Pop-Ups Killed

Pop Up Killed

It's been a while since I've been annoyed by a pop-up window.  It used to be my web browsing experience was greatly detrimented by the presence of pop-up windows, a most annoying advertising ploy used by evil webmasters.  I was content killing the pop-up windows as they arose until Google introduced their "popup blocker" as part of their latest toolbar release several months ago.  Since then, I haven't seen a single one.

With effective pop-up killer applications available for free left, right and centre, one must wonder by web authors are still using them.  I don't believe they ever worked to begin with and they certainly don't work when most web surfers never see them.  Even if you're not using the popup blocker that is part of the Google Toolbar, you're likely using the one that comes with the Yahoo! Companion Toolbar or other free applications.  Aren't you?

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