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Bill Barilko

Bill Barilko

If you're Canadian, you're most likely familiar with the name Bill Barilko. Bill Barilko's goal in overtime won the Stanley Cup for my beloved Maple Leafs in 1951. At the age of 25, Bill Barilko would never score another.

I maintain a tribute to Bill Barilko in an effort to keep this legend immortalized.  This little page has managed to garner some serious respect from the more popular search engines.  A simple search for Bill Barilko on MSN Search ranks my site #1, on Yahoo! I'm #7 and on Google I'm #9.  Visit my tribute to Bill Barilko here.

By the way, as of this moment there are 42 days, 22 hours, 58 minutes, and 25 seconds left until the Maple Leafs opener. My countdown clock remains here.

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