Ford Edge Test Drive

Camping in the Ford Edge

Camping in the Ford EdgeI enjoyed the 2013 Ford Edge so much when I drove it to my wedding last month, I borrowed it again for our camping trip this week.


This time, instead of Tuxedo Black, we went with Ruby Red.


It's great for highway driving and roomy as heck. We fit two tents, six sleeping bags, a propane BBQ, a propane stove, a big cooler, chairs, food and clothes for four people and assorted camping essentials without a problem.


We had the Edge index my 427 song playlist and never heard the same song twice there or back. That was awesome.


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The Month of Cars: Chevy, Ford, Infiniti and Hyundai

The Month of CarsThere's been an abundance of automobiles in my life this month.

It began with an invitation from Chevy to attend a retreat in a 2014 Chevrolet Impala. I took my buddy Elvis and we had a blast.

Then, for my wedding, Ford kindly lent me a 2013 Ford Edge in tuxedo black. It was perfectly roomy for hauling a ton of stuff to and from the venue.

Last week, I zipped around the city in a 2013 Infiniti M37xS. It was great fun to experience such luxury after 13 years in a Mazda Protege.

Now, I'm driving a Hyundai Genesis Sedan and my son and I have a road trip to Huntsville planned. I'm told there's a "blood-pumping" 348 hp from the 3.8 GT engine. I'll report back how it all went.


No, this isn't the new normal, just a perfect storm of test drives that has left my old beater feeling neglected. The month of cars is winding down.

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Ford Edge Saves My Life (But Not Literally)

2013 Ford Edge in Tuxedo BlackOne of the things about planning your own wedding is that you've got to personally deliver a ton of stuff to the venue. I'm talking about liquor, beer, pop, juice, cupcakes, charger plates, table clothes, centerpieces, etc. I can't imagine how many trips in my old Mazda it would take.

Luckily for us, I was driving a 2013 Ford Edge this past week and this crossover has loads of space.


In addition to being roomy, the Edge was great fun to drive. It's quiet, peppy and loaded with fun perks like keyless entry and start, a rear cam and blind spot warnings.


Then there's the entertainment centre... I might miss that most of all.


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2013 Ford Edge in Tuxedo Black

2013 Ford Edge in Tuxedo BlackI just picked up my ride for the wedding. It's a Tuxedo Black 2013 Ford Edge that's fully loaded. The retail price for the 2013 Ford Edge is $36,499 but this version is $43,279.


I've only had it for about 45 minutes but already I've programmed in my Lithium and Howard Stern stations on SiriusXM and synced my phone. Ford tells me this 305-horsepower 3.7L Ti-VCT V6 is the most powerful in its class. I can't wait to see what she can do...

My ride for the next week

And really, I'm just loving the fact I'll be wearing a tuxedo while driving a new car that's Tuxedo Black. That will likely never happen again.

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