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Win It For Her

For as long as I can remember, I've been a Toronto Maple Leafs fan. To borrow a line from Jerry Seinfeld, I cheer for laundry. The team in blue and white with a maple leaf n the chest, that one's mine.

I've never watched my team play a game in the month of June. I've never watched my team play a Stanley Cup Finals game. Heck, the past twenty years, I've only ever seen one second round series. Being a Leafs fan means always ending the season in disappointment, at least for my generation.

My wife was born and raised in Edmonton. Her parents and brother still live there. When the playoffs come around, she's an Oilers fan again, and we're tuned in for their playoff run.

This season, her Oilers are playing a winner-take-all game seven against the Florida Panthers tonight. Their special teams are deadly, their speed is wild, and they have the best hockey player on the planet in Connor McDavid. This is a fun team to watch, and they're on the verge of the greatest comeback in NHL history.

I hope the Oilers win. I hope they win for her.

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