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Humble and Fred Beer

Way back in the day, when Humble and Fred were the morning show on 102.1 the Edge, their producer Jason Barr brewed some beer at home, bottled it up and glued a label on it and they called it Humble & Fred's Spring Brew.

Jason Barr would be the first to tell you that beer was terrible. He says it immediately induced a headache. For a gag, Humble & Fred once poured a sponsor's beer in a one of their bottles and got the beer rep to say it tasted terrible. That stunt caused this beer company to pull $250,000 of advertising immediately. The next week, when Howard made another joke about it, the beer company pulled all advertising from The Edge. Howard was suspended for a week.

That was 1995, but here in 2024 Humble and Fred have a new beer that's been brewed properly by Stonehooker. Humble and Fred fans can buy it direct from their brewery. Here's a neat AI ad for Humble and Fred's Interesting All Canadian Ale.

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