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FOTMs We Lost in 2023

Norris McDonald appeared on Toronto Mike'd when he came to TMLX11 at Palma's Kitchen in December 2022, and Donald Shebib appeared via a recorded phone conversation with Peter Gross, but here are FOTMs who passed away this year and appeared on the podcast proper.

David Onley, 72

I would watch David Onley on CityTV well before he served as the 28th lieutenant governor of Ontario. David made his Toronto Mike'd debut during the Breakfast Television 30th anniversary episode in September 2019 that also featured his dear friend Ann Rohmer, Steve Anthony, John Whaley, and original producer Bud Pierce.

FOTM David Onley died at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto on January 14, 2023, aged 72.

Tom Stephen, 68

Tom Stephen was the drummer in the Jeff Healey Band from its formation in the early 1980s until Jeff's death in 2008. In March 2019, Tom dropped by the TMDS studio for a chat about his years in the Jeff Healey Band.

FOTM Tom Stephen passed away suddenly from cardiac arrest in February of this year. He was 68.

Bob Segarini, 77

Bob Segarini was a singer, songwriter, composer, radio host and true character. During the pandemic, in May 2020, Bob and I connected via phone for a 100 minute chat.

FOTM Bob Segarini died in Toronto on July 10 at the age of 77.

Hal Harbour, 71

Hal Harbour a.k.a. Doug Barron was best known to me from his years at CFNY 102.1 as Director of Canadian Content, but he was much more. He was a musician, an actor, a surfer and champion of Canadian talent. We connected via Zoom in September 2022.

FOTM Hal Harbour passed away in Halifax in August at the age of 71.

Myles Goodwyn, 75

Myles Goodwyn was the lead vocalist, guitarist, and principal songwriter of the rock band April Wine. We connected via Zoom in May 2021 and enjoyed a, 80-minute chat about his years with April Wine and his solo work.

FOTM Myles Goodwyn passed away earlier this month at the age of 75.

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