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Don't Be Cruel

What the heck was that Cheap Trick cover of Don't Be Cruel all about? I realize I'm 35 years late in asking this pertinent question, but I was just reading an article about Elvis Presley's September 9, 1956 appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. Here's Elvis performing his hit "Don't Be Cruel".

Two fun facts about that appearance. Ed Sullivan wasn't the host that night. British actor Charles Laughton was the host, filling in for Sullivan who was home recovering from a car accident. And Elvis wasn't even performing in New York. He was in LA.

But back to Cheap Trick, a band I saw open for Pearl Jam at Molson Park in Barrie back in '98. Cheap Trick's cover of "Don't Be Cruel "was a massive hit. It was seemingly everywhere. I am pretty sure I knew the Cheap Trick version before I knew the Elvis Presley version.

"Don't Be Cruel" was a big hit from Cheap Trick's Lap of Luxury, but there was a bigger hit. "THE FLAME!" It's amazing that Lap of Luxury managed to stay out of my cassette tape collection.

By the way, I mentioned I saw Cheap Trick open for Pearl Jam in '98. Prior to that, my primary source of Cheap Trick information was Damone in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. The man could have had me buying tickets.

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