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D' You Know What I Mean?

The moment at which a song hits me is very important. There are mediocre songs I adore to this day becuase they hit me at precisely the right time.

When Oasis released Be Here Now in 1997, they had already peaked. Be Here Now was the follow-up to (What's the Story) Morning Glory? and I don't have to tell you what a monster album that was...

Singles from (What's the Story) Morning Glory?

  1. "Some Might Say"
    Released: 24 April 1995
  2. "Roll with It"
    Released: 14 August 1995
  3. "Morning Glory"
    Released: 18 September 1995
  4. "Wonderwall"
    Released: 30 October 1995
  5. "Don't Look Back in Anger"
    Released: 19 February 1996
  6. "Champagne Supernova"
    Released: 13 May 1996

"Champagne Supernova" was the final single from (What's the Story) Morning Glory?, and we'd have to wait over a year for the next sing "D'You Know What I Mean?", the lead single from Be Here Now.

In July 1997, as I biked along Davenport on my way to an early morning shift at the Price Chopper, 102.1 played "D'You Know What I Mean?". Something about the ride on that street at that time caused me to get lost in the noise.

Make no mistake, this was a very good feeling. And every time I hear that song, I'm brought right back to that moment.

As a result, I love "D'You Know What I Mean?". I aware many find it pretentious and bloated and a single from a band in decline, but I don't care. I love every note.

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