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#TMLX13 is September 7, 2023

TMLX13, the 13th Toronto Mike'd Listener eXperience, is taking place at Great Lakes Brewery on Thursday, September 7 from 6-9pm. Here are some details....

Palma Pasta is delivering individually packaged bundles of delicious Italian food at 6pm. That's right, Palma Pasta is feeding us. Come hungry, darlin'.

Great Lakes Brewery is buying all FOTMs their first pour of fresh craft beer. And they're hosting. Thank you GLB!

There is no recording this time, just a chill gathering of FOTMs, good food, good drink, fun facts, mind blows and a great time. I'll curate a playlist of jams by FOTMs.

We're not on the patio this time, but on the large lawn beyond the patio. If you attended TMLXX, it'll look exactly like that. This is an outdoor event, rain or shine, but there will be tents if Mother Nature decides to make things interesting.

See you all September 7!

Note: the original date was one week earlier, but I messed up. TMLX13 is definitely September 7.

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