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In Defense of Bill Simmons and His Headphones

Yesterday, I was told that if Leo Rautins and I had a baby, the baby would grow up to look like Bill Simmons. So yeah, I tweeted about it.

Somebody replied with a screen cap of a tweet that seemed to be ridiculing Bill Simmons for wearing wired headphones in an Instagram pic. This tweet also ridiculed Spotify for employing such a person.

I laughed, because about six months ago, I switched from Bluetooth wireless headphones to good ol' fashioned wired headphones like I wore with my Sony Walkman throughout the 80s and 90s.

I made the switch because I got tired of shitty battery life in my wireless headphones and having to charge them almost daily. I just don't want to worry about my headphones conking out because they run out of juice. My wired headphones are plug 'n play and don't require charging at all. They just work, and they always work, even when it's -20 with a windchill.

But I don't wear my headphones like Bill Simmons does, I pull the wire through my shirt so there's no risk of having the wires yanked out while I ride. I've been doing that since grade school.

Here's the happy couple.

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