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The Day Twitter Died

Twitter was the only social media app I actually enjoyed. When it was bought by a megalomaniac billionaire, I was concerned, but I was willing to put up with all the noise so long as it functioned properly. Today, it stopped functioning properly.

I keep getting an alert that I've exceeded my rate limit. This prevents me from reading tweets. This prevents me from using Twitter.

There was a not-so-secret FOTM DM group on Twitter, but earlier today I moved it to Whatsapp. If you're an FOTM who feels you belong in this Whatsapp group, write me an email at mike (at) torontomike (dot) com.

As far as an alternative to Twitter, I've yet to find one I like, so I guess I'll just continue sharing my musings here on my blog and dropping an episode or four or five every week. Are you subscribed to Toronto Mike'd? That's the heartbeat of this here operation.

And Elon, if you're reading this, you suck.

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