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Hebsy on Sports -30-

Mark Hebscher was the very first TMDS client. In fact, when I was thinking of starting my own digital services company, I met Hebsy for a GLB beer at Bryden's in Bloor West Village and we talked about him starting a sports podcast and me producing it. That was five years ago, and the result of that meeting was Hebsy on Sports.

This morning, I logged on at 8:50am to record the 332nd episode of Hebsy on Sports, and Hebsy surprised me with a major announcement. This was to be the final episode of Hebsy on Sports.

I'm going to miss talking sports every Friday morning with my friend Hebsy. I'm going to miss his take on things, his rants, and his stories. I'm going to have to get him on Toronto Mike'd more often now. 332 episodes over five years is a great run, and if Hebsy's happy, I'm happy.

Deleting this recurring calendar entry was tough

Here's today's episode, the Hebsy on Sports finale. Thank you, Hebsy.


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