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Use These 5 Easy Tips to Always Avoid Online Casino Fraud

The Internet is a dangerous place: it’s full of fraudsters. Gambling sites are among their most favored places to steal users’ money and data. And the problem is there are too many areas where an attack might come: the casino itself, payment info leak, weak cyber protection, etc. How do you know where to look?

The pros know that there are a few casino vulnerabilities: if they’re not covered, you are in trouble. And in today’s guide, you’ll know them too.

Choose a Proper Online Casino

Choosing the correct online casino is the first thing that protects you from fraud. Cause, if you use a legitimate and fair casino, your data and cash are always safe. But how do you know that a casino is secure enough? Here is what you should look at.


A casino with a license is in the legal field. Thus, it is obliged to follow a list of rules prohibiting them from being unfair or deceptive to their clients.

Licensed casinos are always transparent. They show all their registration info, including the residence of their company, license number, etc.

That means you can easily appeal to the law if the casino steals your money or data. And using casino-presented data, the fraudsters will be easily tracked and punished. You’ll definitely get your money back.

But in reality, licensed casinos are 99.99% fair to their clients. Because if they are not, they are in big legal trouble.

To know that the casino is licensed, scroll to the bottom of its page and check the license number. Near it, there should also be a gambling commission (license issuer) watermark. If there is none, the license is rigged.

SSL/TSL Protection

When we use online resources, we constantly share data. And if it is not encrypted, it can be leaked by hackers.

To prevent that, ensure that the casino you are using applies SSL or TSL protection. It will mean the transferred data is scrambled, preventing anyone from reading it.

Info about protections is found on casino informational pages. If there is none, you can appeal to managers (support system) with that question.

Software Providers

The casino doesn’t develop games itself. It gets them from certain providers. And if the provider is bad or unreputable, it might have unfair/rigged games.

While reputable providers put fairness in the first place. That’s why they constantly run gaming lab checks. Once these are completed, providers receive special certificates proving their honesty. You can check them on their websites.

To know that casino has soft from reputable providers, check its game list. If you see many no-name games, you should be susceptive.

For instance, GGBet Casino has only reputable soft providers. These include giants such as Pragmatic Play, Ainsworth, Amusnet, Microgaming, Evoplay, and others. You can play these high-quality GGBet games laid-back without worrying about losing cash.

Casino Reviews

Unfortunately, we can’t instantly foresee the gambling experience we get from casinos. Even if all of the previous points are OK, there might be some underwater rocks.

And to find those, there is no better place than casino-reviewing websites. There, folks leave their texts, commenting on the casino-using experiences.

Try to read a couple of those, at least ten. And then look for the issues described multiple times. If those are present, expect to face them too.

Create a Strong Password and Keep it Safe

The only info that prevents hackers from accessing your account is the password. And so you should do everything to make it as secure as possible.

The first step in doing so is making it hard to pick. So don’t use obvious passwords like your birth date or mother’s name. Ideally, it should be a random combination of capital/standard letters and numbers.

Once you get a strong password, don’t store it in your gadget’s file. Because if it’s hacked, criminals will also gain access to your casino account. The perfect way to keep a password is in your brain. But if you struggle to memorize it, use a paper sheet.

Pay With Crypto When Casino Doesn’t Feel Credible

When using your crypto wallet for online payments, it doesn’t expose any of your personal info. It can’t possibly be leaked. However, the case with fiat payments is different. Like for example, with Visa/MasterCard transactions, you always have to specify your card’s CCV.

So if you’ve started using a casino but still worry about it, you should definitely pay in crypto first. And when you are reassured that the platform is fair, you can return to your ordinary payment methods.

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