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Mid-March Musings

Just a few random thoughts on a mid-March morning.

  • I think my body is adjusting to blood thinners... I get a mild headache now and then, but otherwise I feel like my normal self. The brain blood clot, btw, should be with me for another 6-12 months.
  • When I mess up, I exclaim "I might be brain damaged". I pledged to drop this excuse as soon as I have my MRI and the neurologist tells me I'm A-OK. My MRI isn't until late May so I've get plenty of time to bleed this one dry. Pun: intended.
  • My third-born's hockey season wraps up this weekend. I'll miss watching him play, but I won't miss the 7:30am puck drops.
  • Prior to Christmas 2022, I dropped hints with my oldest kids that I wanted hoodies from their respective Universities. My daughter picked up on it and gave me a georgous red McGill hoodie that I'd wear every day if I could. My son bought me a fancy over-priced Jays hat, which I gently asked him to return so I can get my York hoodie. You'll know when I receive it because you'll see it in the post-podcast pics.
  • It would be easy to book Toronto Mike'd guests for remote conversations, but I'm proud to say the overwhelming majority of my episodes are in-person conversations. There are exceptions, including the most recent episode with Colin Mochrie and Debra McGrath, but these are few and far between.
  • Speaking of Toronto Mike'd, the numbers are fantastic and the FOTM community is thriving, so if you know anyone interested in sponsoring the show, I have a rather sudden and unexpected vacancy! Write me at
  • I watched Living with Bill Nighy on the weekend and found it charming and sweet.
  • On April 6, I'll be recording live from the GLB Brewpub at Jarvis and Queens Quay where I'll have chats with AM640 personalities like Greg Brady, Kelly Cutrara, Alex Pierson and Dani Stover. They're all already FOTMs, but there will be some surprise guests as well.
  • It's March 16, 2023 and I've yet to record an episode this year with Stu Stone, Cam Gordon nor Marc Weisblott.
  • Peter Gross attended his mother's 100th birthday party this past weekend. I'm told his mother organized the entire affair.
  • I finished season one of The Last of Us and was entertained, but it's not the greatest thing since sliced bread. Some episodes were stellar, others were just okay. I'm looking forward to the final season of Succession.
  • I'm also looking forward to the NHL playoffs because this truly feels like a season we Leafs fans can enjoy second round action. It's been a minute. My 21-year old son has no memory of our last second-round game because he was only two-years-old. My 18-year-old daughter wasn't even born.
  • I enjoy donating blood, and try and do so every couple of months or so, but now that I'm on blood thinners, I'm afraid that will have to stop. My ask of you readers is that you take the baton (shout out to my friend Donovan Bailey) and book at appointment at I wish I could join you.
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