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Jake the Tiger and Me

I've never seen Dr. Doolittle with Eddie Murphy. When it came out in 1998, I was just too old for such silliness. Even though Norm Macdonald voices a dog in the flick, that wasn't enough to lure me in.

My 7-year-old was watching Dr. Doolittle yesterday, and I popped in the living room just in time for the climatic scene with Jake the Tiger on the operating table and Dr. Doolittle performing brain surgery. Albert Brooks was the voice of Jake, which I thought was pretty cool, but as I'm watching this scene I hear Dr. Doolittle's eureka moment as he discovers what ails Jake. Jake had a blood clot on his brain!

That's right, Jake the Tiger in Dr. Doolittle and me have the same condition. In this movie, Jake is fully cured when Dr. Doolittle does something... it's rather vague.... but whatever he does relieves Jake of all pain.

In reality, no such option exists for me. There is no such surgery. It's blood thinners to prevent it from getting worse, and time for the brain to absorb the clot.

Jake was one lucky tiger.

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