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Escaping The Big City: Why Some Toronto Residents Have Relocated To Winnipeg

While Winnipeg has always been a great place to visit, the popularity of it has grown in recent years. Many people are interested in a place other than Toronto to spend their time and well as calling it home. There are several reasons why people are moving to Winnipeg rather than remaining in Toronto. It has an impact on the culture in Winnipeg too and the growth is helping the economy.

The cost of living is more affordable in Winnipeg compared to Toronto. This is an enticing factor as it means more money can stay in a person’s pocket. It is very expensive to live in the city of Toronto. The cost of homes and rentals are skyrocketing, and overall, the cost of basic living expenses is higher there than in Winnipeg. For those that are barely getting by from paycheck, to paycheck, they want a better outcome.

When they see how much less they would pay to live in Winnipeg, it becomes a serious option for them to consider. They know it is a wonderful place with plenty of great activities and lots of jobs. When they compare the cost of housing and other living expenses, they quickly realize a move from Toronto to Winnipeg could save them about 33% each month.’s neighbourhood page, said “Winnipeg is definitely a lot slower pace than Toronto. Most end up loving it, but some do miss the bigger city.”

Moving to Winnipeg can improve a person’s quality of life. Often, they are caring for a family and they like the idea of a better quality of life for each of them. They love the diversity and all of the activities in Winnipeg. They enjoy the slower pace, and a community that embraces each other. They are tired of the fast pace of Toronto and feeling isolated from others. They want to live in a neighbourhood where they can get to know their neighbours and create relationships with them. They want to feel like they belong.

Wolseley is an amazing neighbourhood in Winnipeg many are interested in. They love this downtown area and the lovely homes here. Many of them are in a historical area, giving them a delicate charm that is hard to miss. The people residing in Wolseley have a mixture of backgrounds and cultures they bring to this part of Winnipeg. This includes young families, professionals, and artists. According to the Winnipeg Free Press, Wolseley has become a hub for young professionals looking for an affordable and vibrant community to call home.

Community events are popular in Wolseley, and widely advertised with the Wolseley Residents Association. Local businesses get involved to offer support and activities for this community to get involved with. Younger individuals and families love this area for all it offers. It gives them peace of mind and encouragement to live in an area offering affordable housing and plenty of ways to interact with others living there.

Osborne Village is another great neighbourhood in Winnipeg where people relocate to from Toronto. It is South of the downtown area, offering a trendy area for fun! There are plenty of clubs, places for live music, restaurants, unique shops, and fun experiences. Each year thousands of people come to this part of Winnipeg to experience the annual Osborne Village Street Festival.

Perhaps Corydon Village is more your style if you are interested in relocating to Winnipeg from Toronto. It is found in the south-central area, and has lots of fun places to explore. This includes various restaurants and small cafes and wonderful boutiques where you will find one of a kind items. This is a great place if you like the nightlife, including live jazz music. The annual Corydon Avenue Winnipeg Jazz Festival is something many people look forward to each year. The Corydon Avenue BIZ website says this area is "an eclectic mix of old-world charm and modern sophistication."

With so many wonderful reasons to live in Winnipeg, including the lower cost of living, it isn’t surprising people are packing up from Toronto and moving into these amazing neighbourhoods! They want a great life for themselves and their families with ample opportunities to thrive. They want a balance of work and fun, and they can find it in Winnipeg. They enjoy the rich culture, being part of something wonderful, and getting to know people in the neighbourhood they move into.

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