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Jann Arden on Toronto Mike'd

Jann Arden isn't just a great singer, but she's a true gift to any podcaster. Regardless of how good a podcast is, if Jann Arden is the guest, it's going to be an entertaining conversation. I don't think there's an interview podcast in this country that wouldn't want Jann Arden as a guest.

FOTM Stu Stone recently directed a movie called Vandits, and Jann Arden is in this movie. I want Stu to have all the success in the world, so I was more than happy to book three of the film's stars on Toronto Mike'd. Tony Nappo and Jesse Camacho would visit my studio, and Jann Arden would Zoom in. Perfect.

Stu arranged to have the film's PR representive contact me to schedule Jann's Toronto Mike'd debut. I reached out to Tony and Jesse directly. My first correspondence with PR about Jann coming on Toronto Mike'd was October 20. When I confirmed that we could make this happen, I excitedly tweeted that Jann Arden was coming soon to Toronto Mike'd. The response was fantastic.

The plan was always for Jann to come on in late November, because Vandits premieres on Hollywood Suites on December 1. But I got a feeling this was all going to fall apart when Jann herself replied to my tweet with a rather disconcerting "What am I doing?". Clearly PR hadn't informed Jann that she was appearing on Toronto Mike'd.

I folllowed up with PR, was advised that Jann was very busy but it would all be confirmed when Jann returned home on November 4, but then heard nothing but crickets.

Photo by Jonathan Beckman / Unsplash

Today, being the last day of November, I reached out again to PR to confirm what I already knew. I was told Jann has cancelled all interviews for the remainder of the year so she can focus on her Christmas Special.

To be honest, I'd rather Jann visit my studio and make her debut in person, so I'm not even upset. I just feel silly for tweeting that Jann Arden's Toronto Mike'd debut was "coming soon" way back in October. Sometimes these chickens don't hatch.

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