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How Do Slots Inspire So Many Variations?

If you know nothing about the vibrant industry of slot machines, chances are that you are picturing a machine with a row of Sevens and the sweet jackpot sound. Since the rise of the Internet, slots are notoriously more advanced than this, even if classic slots are still alive and well.


To stay relevant in a market that attracts millions of customers every minute, slot machines designers (software developers) understood that they needed to diversify their choice of machines. Playing a penny slot, a pachinko, or a progressive jackpot is a different thrill altogether. This article recaps the most critical moments in slot machine history, and moreover; it will help you understand what draws a player to try his luck on these versatile and beautiful machines.

From Land Based to Online Casinos, A Brief Evolution of Slots

The patent for the first slot machine was launched in 1894 by German inventor Charles Fey. The concept was simple initially, as the player had to align three similar symbols to win some price. In the first half of the 20th century, numerous advancements were made to the machine, and the game acquired global success in land-based casinos.

Bally Gaming, an American gaming company, is partly responsible for bringing slots to Las Vegas casinos and participating in the golden age of mechanical slots.

With the invention of the Internet, computer program slots have made their debut in the cyber world, changing the industry's faces forever. Not only thousands of new slots are created monthly, but new ways to win, like 243 ways to win, progressive jackpot, and bet ways slots, are making their way in the industry.

Now more than ever, the era of online casino slots is thriving because software developers have invented more and more sophisticated games available at an online casino in Ontario or across the world. The main objective is to target their audience in a precise manner. How do they do that?

Different Types Of Players And Expectations

With hundreds of millions people playing slots each week, there is a variety of people looking for different thrills. In Japan, for example, winning cash has been forbidden for a long time, leading to the rise of pachinko games, a sort of jackpot where you win a small prize such as plush toys or candy.


People who are playing for money do it for mainly two reasons. One is to have fun, and the other is to have a chance to complete their income. In both cases, they have a precise idea that luck might not turn in their favor, so they carefully choose a game that can get them the rewards they hope for.

For example, a slot with low volatility will win more often but with minimal payout. On the other hand, a game with high volatility can earn you decent money, but you will lose more often.

Progressive jackpots are different because players contribute to one pot until the jackpot is won. Games like Mega Moolah by Microgaming have changed the industry by proposing potential million-dollar jackpots to players.

A Quest for The Most Memorable Slots

The big names of the industry release more than one game every month. Surprisingly, Sweden is one of the pioneers of the virtual slot industry, and some of the biggest names (like Microgaming and Yggdrasil) are based in Stockholm.

Standards are now very high because players are used to sophisticated games with five reels and three rows or more. Themes and general atmosphere are becoming more prevalent, and users enjoy playing on a slot that pictures their favorite shows or cartoon characters.
Nowadays, a virtual slot can have several perks, features, and mini-games that bring multipliers and different rewards. NFTs slots are getting more popular with the rise of cryptocurrency in the gaming industry.

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