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Stephen Brunt Leaving Sportsnet

This past week, The Fan in Toronto turned 30. I had Scott Metcalfe over to dive into the history of CJCL as an all-sports station, and a Mikeumentary on the subject is in the works. As recently as this morning on Hebsy on Sports, I called out Stephen Brunt as the longest serving 590 personality this side of Roger Lajoie.

Today, during his program with fellow FOTM Ben Ennis, Stephen Brunt announced he's leaving Sportsnet. If you're looking for an excellent history of Stephen Brunt's esteemed career in Canadian sports media, listen to his first visit to my home studio when we discussed his years at the Globe & Mail, his video essay for the 2010 Olympics, his fallout with Bob McCown, his work with Jeff Blair and much, much more.

What I like about Stephen Brunt isn't just that he's a thinking person's sports media personality, but he has great passion for music, as I learned first-hand when he returned to kick out the jams. Brunt delivered one of the all-time great KOTJ episodes of Toronto Mike'd.

Here's hoping we haven't heard the last of Stephen Brunt, and that a third episode of Toronto Mike'd is in his immediate future.

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