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Is it Illegal To Have Someone Write Your College essay?

Colleges and universities are very competitive nowadays. Since admission, students have to stress about hectic schedules, grades, deadlines, internal scoring, and more. Most individuals are forced to begin preparing for college even before the application goes through. According to reports, over 15% of students order a research paper from a pro writing service on the internet. Paying a professional writer is entirely safe and legal. Pro writers assist millions of college students and high school with their research papers.

Essay writing is a vital task that college students cannot avoid at some point in their academic life. Most students don't possess the excellent skills needed for top-quality academic writing. Because of this, they seek the help of professional writing services in a bid to achieve academic success and good grades. In services such as Edusson, you can collaborate with a pro writer at every stage of writing, and they will communicate during the writing process to monitor progress to ease your mind – just  one  of the perks of working with professionals. The process is collaborative, which is why using these services is legal. Some believe ordering a paper online is plagiarism, though it's not. But you need to ensure that you're using a reputable essay writing company. Continue reading to learn more:


Essay writing services are offered by firms that are licensed and secure. They're real enterprises that act as education aids to provide assistance to learners and subsequently enhance academic performance. For a firm to offer these services, it has to operate under the laws of a nation or state.

Most companies are focused on offering the best essay-writing services that don't violate copyright laws. When writing firms want to hire writers, they scrutinize their academic certificates to ensure they're legitimate. The reason for this is to safeguard the reputation of the firm and create strong relationships with clients. Most companies have a team of pro essay writers determined to make quality articles within the law.

Students always want to work with licensed and registered firms. Registration increases credibility and authenticity, which gives the essay-writing company an upper hand against competitors. It also creates trust with the clients.

You Are the Owner of the Final Work

There are two complex issues regarding academic writing services: plagiarism and copyrights.

The law is strict and straightforward when it comes to intellectual ownership rights. It's the reason writing services transfer ownership rights of any material or order to the customer. Because you're a legitimate paper owner, you'll not be breaking copyright laws.

Another reason individuals are afraid to pay someone to write is plagiarism. Ordering a paper from another individual doesn't mean that person will plagiarize it. Plagiarism means stealing another person's work and claiming it is yours. Legal and safe companies ensure that every task is done from scratch; it's 100% unique and well-referenced—the firm hands over the ownership rights to you after making a payment. Mostly, the dilemma is more moral than legal.

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Money-back guarantee and free revision

A legitimate company offers free revisions until you're satisfied with the task. But the writer you hire will revise specific terms and conditions you might need to read before engaging the writer. In most instances, if you give different instructions, the writer will treat it like a new order.

Suppose the order fails to meet the expected standards even after the writer revises it. In that case, the college essay writing service should give you partial compensation and protect you from losing all your cash – you will have wasted much time either way. Any illegal firm will not have such policies and will capitalize even when it doesn't deserve to be paid.

Before you use any company's services, you should check its money-back guarantees in its terms and conditions. Go through them thoroughly before placing an order. You can also find these terms in the refund policy section.

So Can I Pay Someone to Write My College Essay?

Yes, students can pay a professional to write an essay for them. The process of completing a college essay can be challenging and demanding. From deciding the perfect topic and conducting proper research to editing the entire piece, there are many steps a learner needs to take to complete this task. If you don't have enough time or materials to complete your paper, you should consider hiring someone to do it for you.

There are many legitimate companies online where you can find a reputable writer to complete your assignment. Most legitimate platforms have a team of experts who are ready to write the whole paper from the start to the end. They can do that if you need to find a topic or editing services for a task you've written. You only need to contact the company, and they will assist you. Some of the benefits of using custom paper writing services that college students can enjoy are the ability to complete urgent tasks fast, produce quality content, great reference and research, and 24/7 availability. At one point in your school life, you might need a firm's services to complete your term paper, urgent essay, or dissertation. It would help if you were not afraid to use the services of dedicated service and enjoy these benefits.

Where Can I Pay Someone to Write My Essay?

There are many reliable sites where you can pay a writer to write your essay. When choosing a platform, you need to do a background check and ensure it's reputable. One way to do this is by reviewing past customers' reviews and feedback. Only hire services with positive thoughts. The terms and conditions should also be friendly.

The professional essay writers you pay for should be able to deliver a custom essay for you fast. Some can do it within a day. They should possess high writing proficiency and expertise and be able to produce an authentic piece within your given timeframe.

To summarize

Based on these factors, academic writing services are legal. But this doesn't mean rogues and illegal companies don't exist, so you need to ensure that you use the services of a reliable and reputable company. Legal organizations are licensed under the rule of law and deliver quality and original essays while adhering to revision and privacy policies. You can freely use writing services on the internet, but you must be careful when choosing the platform.

There’s no way your instructor can know you paid someone to do your essay. Remember to mention your preferences and requirements when placing an order because the only thing that can sell you out is the style.

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