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The Popularity of Real Money Games in Canada 2022

In Canada, online gambling is considered a legal grey area. It’s neither legal or illegal at the federal level. That said, the country’s ten provinces have the power to offer gambling services to their citizens.

Before last year, most provinces were limited to online casino games and parlay betting. Now, single sports betting is legal. And this means provinces could also license online sportsbooks.

Meanwhile, many Canadian gamblers who love real money online casino games prefer to bet through offshore casinos. How many Canadians play real money games in 2022? Let’s find out.

Canadian Gambling Statistics

According to research conducted in 2019, three billion people have picked gambling as a pastime activity globally. Of these, a staggering 22,000 reside in Canada. A significant number of Canadian residents cannot legally access land-based betting services in their country.

As such, they engage in virtual games on the internet since they are less expensive and easily accessible and won’t have to face legal action for their choices. As a result of online gambling, the Canadian government bags close to three billion dollars each year.

How’s this possible in a country that’s indifferent to online gaming? Here are a few fun facts that contribute to such high statistics.

Online Casinos’ Prevalence

Setting up a luxurious casino in Canada is a far cry from reality mainly because the government doesn’t permit any wagering activities within its airspace. But since online gambling isn’t an outright violation of the law, Canadian players opt to take part in it instead of the far-fetched land-based betting.

Both inland and offshore internet staking sites have a loophole they can manipulate. Thanks to the shaky stand on internet gambling, these entities choose to dominate the internet gaming scene through the provision of easily accessible games to hungry punters.

While it’s not legal to gamble online in this state, the lack of consequences for defying this law allows players and investors to use the internet betting realm as they wish. So, as long as an online betting den doesn’t exclude them from enjoying their services, Canadian punters are free to hop from one website to the next to quench their insatiable gambling thirst.

Charity games vs. real money casino games

1892 was when all forms of gambling were outlawed in Canada, but reconsiderations in 1900 allowed various organizations to hold charity gambling exercises. Over the years, several organizations have used this to raise funds to solve problems within the society that would otherwise take forever to address.

And while charity gambling is a profitable exercise, it can be pretty expensive and limits the gambler to the number of times they can participate in such activities each year. Another thing that’s synonymous with charity games is they are limited to lottos and old bingo games.

In all honesty, scratch cards are outdated, which are no fun. So, spending thousands of dollars on a day’s event to play games that aren’t enjoyable isn’t something punters are about to engage in.

Real money casino games found their way into betting dens the first time an online casino was established, in 1994, but it wasn’t until 1996 that real money games set foot on the internet. And while Canada took a back seat in the legalization of gambling in their jurisdiction, other countries took to the stage and ran with the idea.

Almost two decades later, Canadians are considered avid gamblers since they fall under the top ten gambling nations globally. And while charity lotteries are for a good cause, it makes sense for bettors to opt for real money casino games that offer the excitement and rewards of gambling.

Real money casino games are less expensive and quickly accessible, making them Canada’s favorite gambling options.

The Gaming Providers

Undeniably, online casino games offer better graphics than physical ones. Their production is much cheaper now that there isn’t a need to create tangible gaming sets. Consequently, many gaming providers have found their way into online gaming casinos.

InterCasino was the first provider to offer a real money casino game in 1996. And when the online gaming buzz caught momentum, several other providers joined the bandwagon. Today, internet casinos boast of over 1500 software providers that provide their services to the online wagering community.

It is challenging to beat this competition, especially when the competitor has several odds working in their favour. And since gamers can effortlessly access any game of their choice in one sitting and without spending too much on wagering activities, it isn’t a wonder that real money casino games are taking the lead in the betting scene.

Online Real Games by Popularity

Research indicates that internet gambling accounts for $1 billion in expenditure in Ontario. The rates go higher when other provinces are included. Slots, poker, table games, keno, bingo, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and online live games are the scaling interest in real money gambling.

Slots account for 72% of the money spent on wagering on the internet. Because of their gamer-friendly nature and broad bankroll availability, punters particularly like these spinning games.

Live dealer blackjack games and poker take another significant share of the popularity pie. And while playing solo is how they like to play, Canadians are also fond of taking part in tournaments once in a while.

Bingo and other scratch card games take the last segment in the online gaming pie, but they have better ratings in land casinos.

Canadian bettors are fond of real money games for two significant reasons. First, they give bettors a chance to play for cash and stand to win a lot of money without investing too much in the game.

And when they do not win, the losses aren’t significant enough to make gamblers lose it. Second, the attractive graphics and undiminishable games make it hard for speculators to ignore available gaming options.


Online gambling is pretty popular in Canada. Although some people bet through provincial gambling sites, the majority of players prefer to use offshore casinos. The explanation is that overseas operators provide generous bonuses, high-quality games and quick payments.

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