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How to Throw the Ultimate Toronto Office Party

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Employers used to skate by on trust falls and grocery store finger foods at office parties. Unfortunately, (or fortunately, if you’re an employee), that doesn’t cut it any longer. People expect more from their office parties nowadays – a chance to relax, socialize, eat amazing food, and indulge in a well-earned atmosphere of accomplishment.

While December is the traditional time of year for an office party, consider throwing your workplace a summer office party, when the weather’s amenable and spirits are high. This article explores how to throw an office party the right way in Toronto, ensuring that everyone leaves feeling happy, nourished, entertained and appreciated.

You’ll find local businesses highlighted below; use these tips and recommendations as you navigate your next party committee meeting!

Please Everyone with a Great Vegan Caterer

It can be tricky to find a common denominator with food. Some people gravitate towards comfort food, while others prefer a healthier meal offering. Then there are dietary restrictions, like dairy-free, gluten-free, etc.

The best way to please everyone is by teaming with a great vegan caterer that specializes in both comfort food and light, fresh offerings. Vegan comfort food is highly customizable to meet dietary restrictions – and it’ll appeal to your vegan and non-vegan team members alike.

For vegan catering in Toronto, check out Parka Food Co. Their plant-based burgers and mac n’ cheeses routinely rank on local best-ofs, like BlogTO. And their affiliated restaurant catches all sorts of local awards.

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Find Toronto Activities that Bring Everyone Together

Before you tuck into some delicious vegan catering, consider hitting the town for one of Toronto’s exciting teambuilding activities. You have several options to choose from, but here are a few standbys that never fail to impress:

  • Axe Throwing: BATL has locations around town, as does Bad Axe.
  • Escape Rooms: There was a time when you could find an escape room on every corner downtown, but the pandemic has sadly chipped away at the city’s stock. Still, you’ll find Captive, Roundabout and Escape Manor conveniently located downtown.
  • Karaoke: A classic for a reason, private karaoke rooms are a fun way to cap off a joyous office party. While you can find karaoke rooms laced throughout the city, Koreatown is still the way to go!

Have your vegan catering delivered to the venue, or try these activities before heading back to the office for a meal.

Make Custom Trophies to Show Your Appreciation

Office parties serve several functions. In part, they offer a “release of the valve,” a fun way for employees to blow off some steam. In part, they represent a teambuilding opportunity – a way for team members to come together around chit-chat and delicious vegan catering.

But partly, office parties are meant to show gratitude. For a meaningful way to show thanks and appreciation, consider custom-making trophies for an office awards ceremony. Show some love to a local business, like Ace Awards, D&G or Quest Awards.

This summer, show your office an amazing time. Set aside the trust falls and finger foods, and support local activity spots, vegan caterers and custom trophy shops.

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