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History of the casino

The history of casinos as prototypical gambling houses dates back to ancient China. There is also mention that before the live casino started to operate in ancient times in Egypt. The earliest casino left from ancient times is Domina Coral Bay.

Ancient casinos

In the times of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, a mass culture of gambling was formed. In the 6th century BC, a circus was a gambling house where people came to give money for entertainment. This tradition is still used today by online gambling for real money.

Italian casinos

It is generally believed that the history of casinos in their present form began in Italy. As gambling establishments in earlier times were a luxury only for the nobility, the poor couldn't get into the very first gambling houses. But gradually such a service reached the common people as well.

Italian common houses became a gathering of gamblers, but not according to such rigid rules. The elite gathered in their own small circle.

Years later summer residences started to be arranged for such events. This is what gave the casino its name, which in Italian means a small house.

Opening of official casinos

The first casino in the world is considered to be the Ridotto building, located in Venice. This gambling establishment opened in 1638 with the support of the authorities, as only a legal casino would help control the turnover.

The Ridotto was housed in the Moses church building and was considered the first establishment to have a strict dress code. To limit the range of players, higher betting limits were imposed, which only members of the aristocracy could afford.

In the mid-18th century, the casino closed for two hundred years before it reopened.

Due to the fact that wealthy townsfolk were few and far between and the gambling business was lucrative, roulette casino owners decided to expand its boundaries by attracting more and more players. This led to the mass emergence of more affordable establishments, accessible even to the middle class or poor.

History of the modern casino

The boom period ended quickly as government-imposed restrictions forced casinos to be restricted. But some cities got round the bans by moving all the comfort and facilities for gambling entertainment. Monte Carlo and Monaco became a mecca for rich and poor alike.

The new light helped the gambling establishments look much more modest than the European ones, allowing them to play roulette online at But over time, Las Vegas began to see developed business. And within a few years the city was already considered the capital of online roulette game. Today Macau, which is located in Asia, can compete with Las Vegas in terms of revenues and influx of tourists wanting to try their luck.

Nowadays, the operation of gambling houses depends on the laws of a particular country. Distinctive features of a modern live casino today include:

  • special gambling zones;
  • development of online casino;
  • opportunity to get the winnings in BTC.
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