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5 Ways to Get Your Backyard Ready for Summer


The onset of warmer weather means spending more time outdoors with family and friends, so you need to make your backyard more appealing and functional. Read on for five ways to prepare your backyard for summer.

Clean the deck/patio

The patio or deck is often covered with a layer of grime and dirt after the winter, so you should consider giving it a deep clean before the summer and spring months. Start by removing any decorative pieces and furniture off the deck, then give it a good sweep. Next, use hot soapy water and a brush to scrub your patio down to remove the stubborn dirt and grime. You should then rinse the surfaces with clean water to avoid slippery areas. Remember to hose down the furniture, and decorative pieces, then leave them out to dry before putting them back on the deck.

Invest in quality outdoor furniture

You are likely to be spending a lot of your time outdoors during summer, so you should consider investing in quality furniture to add comfort to your space. You could buy sturdy lawn chairs to give you and your family and friends a place to sit and catch up as you sip lemonade on a hot summer afternoon. If you have ample space, install a dining set to allow you to host family picnics.

Be sure to keep the trees, shrubs, and plants layout in mind when deciding on a suitable way to arrange your outdoor furniture. Buy water-resistant furniture to avoid the hassle of carrying it indoors whenever it rains. Furniture with water-resistant surfaces and cushions is also easy to clean and maintain. Alternatively,  invest in covered decks to protect yourself from harsh summer weather conditions, preserve your furniture in excellent condition, and prolong the life of your patio.

Do not overlook outdoor summer safety

Be sure to prioritize your guests and family’s safety when in the backyard. Dedicate time to inspecting the pool fencing to ascertain that it is secure. Check pathways to ensure they are free of slippery debris and moss and the decking, more so the railings, are sturdy. Consider hiring a contractor to have your outdoor equipment inspected, repaired, and reinforced to keep your loved ones safe.

Plant a kitchen garden

Planting a vegetable garden gives your backyard a practical appeal, and provides you and your family with homegrown food to last all summer. However, while there are various crops you could grow, including squash, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers, ensure that you consult your local garden center to determine which plants are suitable for your local climate and soil.

Invest in pest control

The onset of summer means an invasion of pests such as grasshoppers, snails, aphids, and slugs that love making a meal off certain trees and plants. This could compromise your plants, trees, and flowers’ health, so you should continually inspect them to get rid of garden pests. Consider removing larger offenders such as snails and slugs by hand or hosing them. You could also invest in pesticides that keep garden pests off your backyard.


Want to maximize the function of your outdoor space this summer? Clean the deck, plant a kitchen garden, and control pests. Do not forget to invest in quality furniture to help you enjoy leisure time with friends and family.

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