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Experience the Benefits of Having a Sunroom in the Winter

The Toronto winters are cold, dark, and dreary. It’s difficult to get outside and we often spend most of our time indoors. Long winters can bring on feelings of cabin fever as we itch to go outside but it’s just too cold to do anything about it.

Studies have shown that exposure to natural light really does elevate moods and is crucial to our overall emotional wellbeing. They don’t call it the “winter blues” for nothing — decreased exposure to natural light results is vitamin D deficiency, which helps with maintaining bone health and may also attribute to better moods.

Imagine if you could experience the benefits of natural light all winter long inside the comfort of your own home? You can do just this with a trusted sunroom and home additions company such as Florian Sunrooms Toronto — one of the leading companies in solarium and greenhouse design and manufacturing that has been serving Toronto and the GTA for over 28 years.

With the addition of a beautiful, customized sunroom in your home you won’t even need to leave the house to feel that soft, natural light against your face. You can simply take your coffee, book, and a blanket and relax in a glass-enclosed room featuring a skylight.

Varying in size, sunrooms invite you to enjoy the outdoor scenery and light from the inside.

Consider the advantages of adding a sunroom onto your home, particularly in the winter months.

Extend Your Potted Plants’ Growing Season

A little extra light with a sunroom won’t just do you and your family good, it’s also an excellent way to keep plants growing throughout the season!

A year round sunroom gives plants the sunny exposure they need for extending their lifespan. Since a sunroom is also a great heat source, plants can thrive in a temperature regulated room.

Entertain and Feel as though You’re Outdoors

The winter may be cold but it certainly is beautiful. Fresh snow, gorgeous white light, and shining icicles dripping from roof tops — it can feel very picturesque.

Entertain guests in your glass-enclosed sunroom and delight in all that nature has to offer. You can engage in exciting bird watching during the day, and relish in the beautiful, starry, winter sky at nighttime.

Increase Resale Value

It’s not just applicable to the winter season but adding a sunroom to your home will definitely increase its resale value.

They add usable space to your home and additional living space is always appealing as a unique selling feature if you plan to sell the house in the future.

With the addition of a sunroom, you can enjoy the beauty of winter from the comfort of your of own home.

You’ll have a new space to decorate and to entertain in, and you’ll enjoy the health benefits of natural light without having to venture out into the cold.

Don’t sit around all winter trapped indoors. Open your home to dazzling, natural light with a year round sunroom.

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