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How to Throw a Kick-Ass Post-Covid Party

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If you’re getting ready to host one of your first major events or get-togethers since COVID-19 restrictions were lifted, let’s face it, you’re celebrating two milestones – and that deserves a big blowout. As your hosting skills may be a bit rusty, the tips in this post can get your creative juices flowing and help you throw a kick-ass party that makes everyone forget the last few years and remember only how much fun they had that night.

Get Your Guests Happy the Moment they Arrive

Wherever you’re holding the event, make your guests do a double-take when they arrive by surprising them with the red-carpet treatment: hire a company that provides upscale valet parking in Toronto and put out some spotlights to make them feel like movie stars. You set the tone early by letting them know you mean business as soon as they step foot out of their cars.

Hire Live Entertainment

I think it’s safe to say we can all use a break from using our devices for a while – especially when it comes to music. While many a pre-pandemic party featured your friends playing their favourite playlists for their friends, nothing says party like live music. Having a DJ that can set and adjust the vibe as needed is good. But having that DJ jam with a live rock, jazz, or brass band is taking it to another level.

Having musical variety also keeps your guests on their toes and the party hopping. Other ideas for entertainment include aerialists, a mentalist and professional dancers.

Say Yes to Every Food Idea

Given the significance of this event, consider planning a menu that looks more like a last meal than the first you’ve had together in a long time. A variety of food trucks is always a good stand-by, but having your favourite restaurants and caterers each drop off a signature dish or two ensures there’s something for everyone. If that idea is a little over the top, you can tell your caterer to go nuts and pretend they are a one-person potluck dinner.

Leverage Over-Stimulation

You can source a portable bowling alley or two, golf or soccer simulator, and poker table and dealer, and much more, all from the same supplier. But if you want your guests to go home eventually, maybe don’t rent the poker table.

Get Creative with the Decor

You can go with classic themes like:

  • Arabian tent
  • Indoor beach with sand and palm trees
  • Massive balloon structures
  • Giant boardgame
  • Alice in Wonderland / Wizard of Oz

Or you can go with the minimalist European countryside French or Tuscan themes. Of course, if you’re going overboard with everything else, why not the seven wonders of the world?

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