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Animal House: How to Animal Proof Your Roof

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Roofs are an integral part of a house’s structure that, when working correctly, keeps the home and its occupants safe and secure. However, as secure as they can be, they are a big target for animals, and there are plenty of clever creatures that always seem to be able to make their way inside.

It’s no secret that Toronto is home to many kinds of animals, but how do you keep those animals from making themselves at home in your house? If an animal wants in, it can usually find a way through vents, shingles and other areas of the roof.

You can keep your roof and your home protected by keeping it in good condition and taking the time to animal-proof your roof. There are a few things you can do to make it difficult for animals to get inside. Many of them you can do yourself, or you can always contact a Professional Roofers to get the job done.

Animal Proof Vents

The most common animals and insects to enter your home include:

  • Raccoons
  • Squirrels
  • Birds and bats
  • Mice and rats
  • Bees and wasps

Animal-proof vents have special covers of wire mesh, which helps keep animals and insects of all sizes from entering your home. But to keep those tiny critters and insects out, it’s advisable to get them fitted properly for your roof space. You’ll be able to have a free flow of air without unwanted visitors.

Block Entry Points

Do some investigating to find out where animals are entering your home and block it off. It seems easy, right? Don’t forget to think like an animal. If there is even the smallest passage, an animal will be able to maneuver its way inside.

Take Away the Access

If you have tall trees on your property that are near your house, it’s likely animals are using them as an easy way to be able to access your roof. Ensure you’re trimming them back, not only to take away access for animals but to help prevent any branches from falling on your roof in bad weather.

Remember to trim them pretty far back, as some critters, like squirrels, can jump pretty far.

Proper Roof Maintenance

General roof maintenance is vital for a myriad of reasons, including keeping animals out of your house. Missing and damaged shingles are just one way for animals to get inside your home, as are holes and damage to your roof’s soffit or fascia. Ensuring you are getting annual or biannual maintenance on your roof is vital so that these problems don’t become more significant issues and let unwanted visitors set up shop in your home.

It can be expensive to hire professionals to remove unwanted animals from your home, not to mention all the damage they can do to your house when trying to get inside and once they’ve made their way in. Deal with the problem before it starts by animal proofing your home.

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