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Don’t Hire a Pest Control Company Unless They Do These 4 Things

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It’s a pretty gross feeling to look underneath your sink and find a cockroach, and the urge to call the first pest control company you can find is understandable. After all, you want them gone, and you want them gone now.

But you don’t want a situation where you invite someone into your house, and they do a treatment only for it to fail. If you think seeing a cockroach or another pest is distressing, it’s only worse when you see them a second time.

Whether you live downtown or on the edges of the GTA, look for a Toronto pest control company that can do these four things.

1. Health Canada Approved Materials

The chemicals that pest control technicians use need to be strong enough on pests and safe enough for everybody else. You may have a pet in your home, and nobody wants to be near chemicals that can be bad for your health.

Look for a pest control company that only uses Health Canada-approved materials. They’ll be safe for everyone. Pests aren’t just icky to look at. They present health problems by leaving their droppings around and potentially carrying disease.

2. Environmentally Conscious

Dangerous chemicals have a way of leaching into the ground and eventually contaminating the local environment. The best pest control companies use chemicals that aren’t harmful to the Earth, even if they eradicate the nuisance pests ruthlessly.

3. Experts with Every Species

There are many kinds of pests out there. The people you call need to be familiar with every type, so they can know best how to kill them. For example, while the German cockroach may be among the most common in Ontario, there are thousands of types of cockroaches.

Whether it’s roaches, rats, mice, ticks, bedbugs, mosquitoes, birds, or something else, the experts you call need to be pros in every species. The more they know about every type of pest, the less likely they are to return.

4. Friendly, Local Business

There’s a difference between hiring a chain company and a local business that has serviced the community for years. Look for a company that has had success in your neighbourhood, as they’re likelier to be attentive to your needs and even more polite and well-mannered.

After all, you’re letting someone into your home, not just frequenting their business. Many of the leading pest control experts provide a one-time service or a custom home protection plan.

Look for a Toronto business that also serves the GTA, from Bradford to Newmarket, Aurora, Mississauga, and more.

Seeing a critter at home is a bad feeling that’s even violating. It’s even worse in an era where people weren’t allowed to have social gatherings indoors to have these unwelcome visitors in and around your home. Don’t get spooked or creeped out if you see a pest at home. Just stay composed and find an expert pest control service that meets all the above requirements.

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