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Old School Casino Games You Should Know

If you are new to a casino domain, you are sure to be dazzled by the staggering number of games on display. Are you wondering what are the old classics, the ones that gamblers used to play, in the days when only the brick and mortar casinos were prevalent? If so, try your hand at the table games first. Classic card games like blackjack and poker still rule the day, especially in the circles of professional gambling. Of course, slots have been around for a while as well. Fun and easy, there are many classic titles in slots that you should explore as well.

Here we take a glimpse at some of the classic titles in the different categories of casino games.

Blackjack and its Classic Variants

When it comes to old school casino games, classic blackjack is a game you must know. Of course, there are rules and strategies that make this game and other variants of it, games of skill. However, one of the advantages that work for them is the low house edge. You will probably come across a very low house edge when playing classic blackjack, about 0.5%. Of course, the house edge is lowered only when the right moves are adopted. In general, you need to try and gain a total of 21 without getting more than that.

European blackjack is another variant of the classic blackjack that you will want to know as well. This is the European version of the classic card game. This version is usually played with two card decks. Cards here are usually more predictable and include half a dozen or more in one game. One of the unique rules here is that the dealer takes a soft stand at 17. The payout here is 3:2. House edge is also low, about 0.39%.

Other popular and classic blackjack versions are Face Up 21 or Perfect Pairs. Knowing how to play these classic blackjack games will stand you in good stead. Once you gain expertise in them, you can enjoy playing the fast-paced versions in the live dealer sections.

Classic Baccarat

This is another old school casino game that you should learn about. Not only can you enjoy this game at online casinos but at real-life casinos as well. Of course, it is a game that experienced gamblers usually indulge in. Also, most casinos have high rollers indulging in baccarat card sessions.

When you play baccarat online dealer hands out cards face up. They provide two for the banker and two for the player. Whichever hand has a total closest to nine, wins. When you bet on a player's hand and have a total of close to nine, your winnings will double what you bet. In case you bet on a banker's hand and that hand wins, you get paid 95 per cent of the water. When cards dealt have totals greater than nine, you can add the two cards together and drop one or two in order to get the desired value less than nine. There are also some other rules you need to be aware of. Once you are acclimated to the different rules of baccarat you can then enjoy the game at a live dealer session. For your convenience, nowadays there are many casino sites that have real-time dealer game sessions available, 24/7.

Classic Slots

If you love casino games that are of colorful themes, innovative gameplay that does not require much strategizing, then slots are what you will love. In this category as well there are many titles that have stood the test of time. Indeed, many are mimicked on old arcade games that were converted into their software version.

  • Starburst

This is one game by NetEnt that is one of their earlier launches and continues to be popular even today. You are bound to come across many casinos that still offer free spins on Starburst as a promo offer. This game is designed based on the style of the arcade games of the eighties. You will find jewels as slot symbols as well as simple features that make this game fun and easy to spin.

  • Rainbow Riches

This is another classic title, designed by Barcrest originally, about 15 years ago. Today there are many other slot games that have similar names and a similar theme. It is based on the Irish good luck charms and symbols. There are jaunty leprechauns that promise pots of gold as well as beer mugs that ooze out the ale, all of them bringing extra winnings, wilds and free spins to the equation.

  • Wheel of Fortune

The classic TV show was turned into a slot game, initially by IGT in the nineties. There are several variations of this classic title though all of them have similar features. There are bonus rounds such as Secret Spins or Triple Strike which keep people spinning the game for more.

The list of classic slot titles is a long one. You would also want to try your hand on progressive jackpot titles such as Mega Moolah by Microgaming. It was one of the first slot games that had a jackpot spanning a network of casinos. It was also responsible for making many people rich with large jackpot wins.

Roulette and its Classic Variants

This is another traditional casino game that you would want to know about. There are French, American and European versions of roulette that are traditional variants. These are easily found in most casinos online, either in digital formats or in the live dealer sections. Roulette is definitely easier to play than blackjack or baccarat as there are fewer rules to know. For instance, European roulette is played with a wheel including 37 pockets. There is a single zero here. House edge is low, about 2.7%. The American version, on the other hand, has 38 pockets in total. There is a double zero. This however increases the house edge to 5.26%. In general, you would choose different kinds of bets, for instance, choosing a sequence of numbers, or color of slots and so forth.


Casino games have a long history. You would certainly want to know the classic games and how they are played to enjoy the true flavor of an online or offline casino.

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